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Saturday, 28 February 2009

20 - Anatomy Of A Hat-Trick

-or- Get Hi 2: Hier and Hier*

Now, in an Ian Dreams Exclusive, Chris Kamara interviews The Ginger One on his FIFA 09 online career.

Chris Kamara - "Ian, you've got off to an unbelievable three-game winning streak on FIFA 09. Has it sunk in yet?"

Ian - "I've been building up to this for months, trying to stay sharp and keep my eye on doing the job on the park. Yesterday, that's what I did. So yes, I'm very happy."

Chris Kamara - "That's an unbelievable understatement, Ian. First, you did the business with Bayern Munich in an unbelievable 2-0 win against your pal David's Barcelona. Then, an unbelievable win with Northern Ireland over England on penalties. What did that double mean to you?"

Ian - "More than words. Our win over England in 2005 was one of the highlights of my life. Achieving that result myself was little short of life-affirming."

Chris - "It wasn't all plain sailing was it, though? Dave put up an unbelievable challenge!"

Ian - "Absolutely, Chris. I was under no illusions going into the game how tough it was gonna be. But I said to myself - to all the boys in that dressing room - we go out there and we do it for Ulster. We go out there and beat them for every scrote from Ballymena to Ballyhackamore... for everyone with nothing but football in their hearts, and we did. They became men last night, those boys."

Chris - "What about your unbelievable first Northern Ireland league game against the mysterious challenger hynsebollox? Your fledgling Munich team were under the cosh in the first half, and went one - nil down to his unbelievable Inter Milan side. Did you ever think you might have met your match?"

Ian - "I knew, immediately, I was dealing with a serious contender, but my determination was constant. Once bollox scored, he grew complacent. That was our way back into the match. He became hasty, misplacing simple passes and so on. Identifying this, I pegged him back with constant pressure; I crafted patient, clear chances, while he snapped wildly at shots. Once I equalized, the game was mine. His panic proved to be his undoing."

Chris - "You famously caused a sensation when you transferred from Pro Evolution Soccer to FIFA, back in December. A lot of people wondered whether you might need a while to adapt. What do you say to those people now?"

Ian - "Three wins out of three speaks for itself. We're a young team, still learning, but we've sent a very clear message to our competitors, both North and South, that there's a new force in Irish football."

Chris - "Totally unbelievable. Unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable, unbelievably. Unbelievable?"

Ian - "I think that's a fair assessment."

Chris - "Thank you, Ian."

Ian - "Thanks. Well done."


* Non-football fans, get ready to skip!

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