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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

One-Shot (07/04/09)

After winding up a particularly unpleasant online FIFA encounter - during which my opponent can best be described as a cunnyfunt - I had the misfortune of catching a brief glimpse of 'Loose Women.' Shit. No no, shite. Scratch that, shoite. The topic I briefly suffered through - fast food.

First, one of those who should be old enough to know better mentioned an erroneous claim that a convenience chain's salad was recently proven to be unhealthier than its burgers. After being debunked by the hot blonde one (it was the salad cream, apparently), said "person" uttered the following:

"Why don't we just shut all the fast food places down and set up grocery stores like we used to 'ave in't old days."

Fuck me spacebound. Incompetence, like obesity, can be a choice.

Also, come on United.

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