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Friday, 16 January 2009

One-Shot (16/01/09)

If you read this blog, you'll notice two things:

1. Posting is, occasionally, erratic.
2. Thank you.

This post relates to the former point. Unlike most blogs, we at Low Standards are all about the finesse. If we can give you a box of pre-packed B.L.T.'s or a fine hunk o' dining, you best believe we'll serve you the latter. With a smile too. This might seem contrary to the stream of consciousness style thought-bombardments readily found across the 'net, but it's just our style. It suits us. That and there was never really any reason to defy our unwritten quality not quantity rule.

Until now.

Behold, our latest, DAILY feature: One-Shots!

A One-Shot, as the comic readers amongst you will know, is a stand-alone opus, a chance to break the confines of continuity and explore new ground. Well, not every post needs the thousand-plus words Ian treatment. See where this is going? If you lay awake in bed at night wishing for bite-size mind-dumps, get kipping, kiddo! After you read this, of course. One-Shots are free-form, express musings. They will bridge the gap between us and the average blog, as well as provide an extra incentive to make your trip to Grandiloquent Vagaries & Other Miscellany a daily one.

Without further rambling...



The world has music indigestion.

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