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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

One-Shot (14/06/10)

When I missed yesterday's One-Shot (sorry about that, by the way) because of the one-two punch of work and Tegan and Sara - so more of a punch/kiss combo, really - I realized something. Something I've been toying with for some time now. For a myriad of reasons.

The One-Shot is no more. Well, not no more. The One-Shot is being retired... re-branded. No longer will it come once a day and bring news of sporting results no one but me cares about. After I post yesterday's belated entry (the one you're reading right now. The one with these very words) and today's, it's One-Shot 2.0, baby. As and when I feel like 'em.

The reason for this is not nearly as convenience related as that sounded. I felt that a Twitter-esque feature would provide extra incentive to blog; now that we have a Twitter I enjoy using, the feature feels redundant. Simply put, the very thing I created to improve the blog has undeniably hurt it. To atone for this, I'm attempting to get back to what made this blog "great." By great, I, of course, mean "readable." Hopefully.


As I alluded to above in the meta pre-amble, I went to see Tegan and Sara yesterday. The gig was very good, even though the pop pixie combo slagged off Belfast's "freezing" summer weather and largely ignored their early material. However, the last few days have seen me thrilling to the beat of a different drum. And guitar. The guitar and drum combo Japandroids, to be specific. Give 'em a go right here. And here. Not to mention there.

See ya soon for the last ever One-Shot... 1.0. Tissues available from all good chemists/newsagents.

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