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Thursday, 5 March 2009

One-Shot (05/03/09): Belfast Picture Tour, Part 2

Auntie Annie's is my favourite Belfast pub. It's on the Dublin Road, out of the way of pram-wielding numpties, yet just a short walk from everything you need. None of that matters in a watering hole, though, if it's a tip-head inside. It isn't. Auntie Annie's is the Naomi Watts of Belfast pubs. It's charming, elegant, and uniquely memorable.

It's certainly given me some fantastic memories. Plenty of head-shakers too, but that's my fault. During my staunch no-drink days, it was a club house of sorts for the extended web of friends, acquaintances, and ne'er do wells I came of age with. Watching local miscreants make a racket with a teenage sweetheart by your side never felt so essential. The sign upstairs read "you can't go home again."

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