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Thursday, 12 March 2009

One-Shot (12/03/09)

While my briefly mentioned horror project remains in suspended animation, I continue to enjoy the work of friends. If that sounds "mopey", it's unintentional (for I am a man and, as such, do not mope.) David, like Daniel before him, underlines the need for the finger to be revealed and pots to be vacated or shat in. For this I am grateful. That said:

Welcome to Lee Carvallo's Writing Challenge!

I am Carvallo. Please, select a story.


You have selected "generic paranormal mystery." Might I suggest, "Cronenbergian body horror?"


You have re-selected "generic paranormal mystery."

Press x, to write.


Script is in... wastebasket. Would you like to play again?


You have selected "hurm..."

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